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Astrology, Eclipses, Lilith and Impeachments

History and Astrology of US President Impeachments

Let's look at the astrology on presidential  impeachments in US history since there has been a drumbeat on how President Trump must be impeached since the Inauguration.

We will consider the impeachments of Bill Clinton and Andrew Johnson (at the close of the Civil War) and the near impeachment of Richard Nixon (resignation) after Watergate.

Both of the Clinton and Johnson impeachments were acquitted in the Senate. In other words they still finished their terms. Keep in mind that politics is a vicious blood sport but impeachments are surprisingly rare.

Senator Lyman Trumbul said the following in his speech explaining why he didn't vote to oust President Johnson back in 1868, something so true it bears repeating.

"Once set the example of impeaching a President for what, when the excitement of the hour shall have subsided, will be regarded as insufficient causes, as several of those now alleged against the President were decided to be by the House of Representatives only a few months since, and no future President will be safe who happens to differ with a majority of the House and two-thirds of the Senate on any measure deemed by them important, particularly if of a political character. Blinded by partisan zeal, with such an example before them, they will not scruple to remove out of the way any obstacle to the accomplishment of their purposes, and what then becomes of the checks and balances of the Constitution, so carefully devised and so vital to its perpetuity? They are all gone."

Astrology, Eclipses, Lilith and Impeachments 

In regards to US Impeachments, Eclipses and Lilith, what did the astrology look like? 

Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson mentioned that Lilith can be associated with the bad side of Neptune.  Some of the keywords for Lilith are self undoing, crimes, dishonor and betrayal. Since impeachment charges are similar to an indictment in regular court I wanted to check if Lilith is important on these eclipse charts.

In reviewing these charts, the USA Sun 13° at time of eclipse had a square from Lilith with Clinton impeachment, an opposition from Lilith with Nixon and square from Neptune with a progressed Moon conjunction during Johnson. Very intense.

Both Johnson and Nixon had Lilith at 29° while Clinton had Solar eclipse degree to conjunct USA Lilith.

The lunar eclipse degree had Lilith inconjunct in both Johnson and Clinton while Nixon had Lilith at same degree of Solar eclipse.

On Lunar eclipse charts, Johnson had Mercury opposition to Lilith while Clinton had a conjunction.

Andrew Johnson Impeachment

While studying more about Andrew Johnson some points were eerily familiar to what is happening now. They say history repeats so here is a rough outline. Johnson was from the south and put on as Lincoln's Vice President towards the end of the Civil War to balance the ticket. Lincoln's assassination a year earlier put Jackson in as President but he had different views than what party members in power wanted on the Reconstruction after the Civil War.

To ensure the Reconstruction went as planned the Congress passed a law forbidding him from firing cabinet members from previous administration. (Later Supreme Court rulings maintained that the law was invalid.)  Conflicts arose when he fired the Secretary of War who would be carrying out the Reconstruction. He also vetoed the 14th Amendment to the Constitution as he opposed granting citizenship to former slaves. The history of the President Johnson Impeachment is worth reading.

Andrew Johnson Impeachment USA Progression to Solar Eclipse

(click chart to enlarge view)
Andrew Johnson Impeachment Progression to Solar Eclipse Chart
The Solar eclipse occurred on February 23, 1868 with the House holding their vote to impeach the next day on February 24!

The eclipse at 4° Pisces has dispositor Neptune at 13° Aries 18' in a near perfect square to the USA Sun 13° Cancer 19' while the progressed Moon is conjuncting at 13° Cancer!  

Adding more Neptune, this solar eclipse also has Mercury at 22° Pisces 04' in opposition to USA Neptune at 22° Virgo 25'.

Notice that while there are many other aspects going on depending on the orb used,  I'm am trying to focus on very tight aspects.

Andrew Johnson Impeachment USA Solar Arc to Solar Eclipse

(click chart to enlarge view)
Andrew Johnson Impeachment Solar Arc Eclipse Chart

The SA Saturn at 13° Capricorn 20' is at a near perfect opposition to the USA Sun at 13° Cancer 19'!

Note that Lilith is at 29° Capricorn 20'. Nixon also had a Lilith at 29°.

There is an inconjunct of Mercury 22° Pisces to the SA Mercury 22° Libra.

(Nixon also had Mercury inconjunct Mercury while Clinton had SA Sun inconjunct Mercury) 

Andrew Johnson Impeachment USA Progression to Lunar Eclipse

(click chart to enlarge view)
Andrew Johnson Impeachment USA Solar Arc to Lunar Eclipse
The Lunar eclipse occurred at 18° Virgo 35'. The dispositor Mercury at 17° Pisces 45' was in opposition to the Progressed Lilith at 17° Virgo 24'. (Clinton had Mercury conjunct Lilith.)

Venus was at 26° Aries 49' opposition to progressed Venus 26° Libra 28' while squaring Pluto at  27° Capricorn 34'. Venus is the progressed Sun dispositor and the 10th house ruler. 

The Lilith was at 17° Aquarius 42' and inconjunct the Lunar eclipse at 18° Virgo 35'. (Same aspect on Clinton impeachment.)

The impeachment process of Richard Nixon began on February 6, 1974 when the House of Representatives passed a resolution to investigate for grounds to impeach related to the Watergate scandal. So we will look at the Solar eclipse prior that happened on December 24, 1973. While Nixon did resign before the House could vote for impeachment, the impeachment was in process.

Richard Nixon Impeachment USA Progression to Solar Eclipse

(click chart to enlarge view)
The Solar eclipse was 2° Capricorn 40' in tight opposition to the natal Venus at 3° Cancer 6'. 

Lilith is at 13° Capricorn 42' in very tight opposition to the USA Sun at 13° Cancer 19'. (Clinton had Lilith in a square to USA Sun)

Also we see the progressed Lilith is at 29° degrees again as in 1868 but now in Virgo.

We have Mercury 23° Sagittarius 46' inconjunct natal Mercury 24° Cancer 12'.  There was also Mercury inconjunct Mercury in the impeachment of Johnson in 1868.

Richard Nixon Impeachment USA Solar Arc to Solar Eclipse

(click chart to enlarge view)
Richard Nixon Impeachment USA Solar Arc to Solar Eclipse
Really tight conjunction of SA Mercury 9° Aquarius 37' to eclipse Venus 9° Aquarius 35'.  

SA Mars 6° Capricorn 48' is square Pluto 6° Libra 46' while eclipse Mars is at 0° Taurus 5' conjuncting SA Saturn 0° Taurus 14'.

These Mars aspects to Saturn and Pluto may be why he chose to resign rather than face a trial he would lose.  

Richard Nixon Impeachment USA Progression to Lunar Eclipse

(click chart to enlarge view)
Richard Nixon Impeachment USA Progression to Lunar Eclipse
The lunar eclipse has Lilith at 2° Capricorn 34' which was the same degree of the Solar eclipse 2° Capricorn 40'.  

That Lilith also is in opposition to natal Venus 3° Cancer 6'.

The Progressed Venus 7° Pisces 9' is squared by Neptune 7° Sagittarius 33'.

Will the impeachment of Bill Clinton impeachment years later in 1998 have similar themes of Neptune / Pisces or the Saturn aspects and inconjuncts?
We will use the solar eclipse of August 21, 1998 since the impeachment process began officially on December 19, 1998.

Considering Bill Clinton's sexual misconduct allegations can anyone be surprised at the repeated Lilith aspects?

Bill Clinton Impeachment USA Progression to Eclipse

Bill Clinton Impeachment USA Progression to Eclipse
The USA natal chart has Lilith at 27° Leo 12' in opposition to the natal Moon at 27°Aquarius 10' and this solar eclipse occurs 28° Leo 48' to conjunct Lilith while it inconjuncts the progressed Pluto at 28° Capricorn 52'.

While an eclipse will conjunct the natal Lilith every 19 years, this progression as well as the Solar arc also have Lilith active which could be why the sex scandal became his undoing.

Also Saturn at 3° Taurus 36' in opposition to the progressed Saturn at 3°Scorpio 25 has its similarity to the other impeachment of Saturn opposition.

Bill Clinton Impeachment USA Solar Arc to Eclipse

Bill Clinton Impeachment USA Solar Arc to Eclipse
On this chart the Lilith is 1° Scorpio 52' on the Solar eclipse is in a really tight square with the SA Mars at 2° Aquarius 8'.

SA Sun at 24° Aquarius 05' is inconjunct Natal Mercury 24° Cancer 12' while SA Mercury 4° Pisces 57' is square Pluto 5° Sagittarius 18'.

SA Venus 13° Aquarius 52 Inconjunct USA Sun 13°Cancer 19'. 

Bill Clinton Impeachment USA Progression to Lunar Eclipse

Bill Clinton Impeachment USA Progression to Lunar Eclipse
Astonishingly the Lunar eclipse at 13° Pisces 42' has Lilith inconjunct at 13° Libra 01' just like the Lunar eclipse of 1868 impeachment! 

The Mercury is at 27° Leo 25' conjunct the natal Lilith at 27° Leo 12' and in opposition to the natal Moon at 27° Aquarius 10. 

Lilith at 13° Libra 01' is square USA Sun at 13° Cancer 19'. (Nixon had Lilith in opposition to the USA Sun)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Astrology Super Blue Moon Eclipse January 2018

Super Blue Moon Eclipse Astrology January 2018

On January 31, 2018 there will be a total Lunar eclipse, a Super Moon, and a Blue Moon. That combination hasn't occured since March 31, 1866. That's 152 years span, a big deal. While there are many articles on the astronomy of this such as  what about the astrology? 

Super Blue Moon Eclipse of 1866

First let's look at what was going on in 1866. You think Washington DC is polarized now, well 1866 was pretty messy as well. Andrew Johnson (who was Vice President) became the President after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln 1865. The Civil War was ending, Congress had passed the Civil Rights Bill of 1866 which President Johnson vetoed but Congress overrode the veto. This became the 14th amendment to the Constitution.

Andrew Johnson has been called one of the worst Presidents as he opposed citizenship for former slaves. Congress passed laws to restrict him from firing cabinet members. He was later impeached by the House but acquitted by the Senate.

Let's look at the charts of 1866 of the USA, the USA progression and the Super Blue Moon Eclipse. (click chart to enlarge view)

1866 Blue Moon and USA chart
On the outer wheel of these charts notice that the lunar eclipse degree is 10 ° Libra 15' with both the Sun and Neptune exactly at 10° Aries 15'! 

Just the eclipse degree to Neptune was so perfect but when you add the USA progression Sun is at 9 ° Libra 59' to conjunct the lunar eclipse degree!! 

When you put the individual charts together this way it's like watching the hands of a clock ticking in how they relate.

Well now that's interesting....Now keep in mind according to Rulership Book, slaves are ruled by Neptune and the Sun signifies citizenship. Noting there is a grand trine of the progressed Mercury 3° Scorpio, USA Venus at 3° Cancer as dispositor of progessed Sun to Mars at 3° Pisces while progressed Venus squared USA Mercury that intensifies the Mercury / Venus. It seems that the time had come for amending the Constitution with the 14th amendment. 

Fast forward to 2018. (click chart to enlarge view)

Super Blue Moon Eclipse 2018

Lunar Eclipse January 2018
This lunar eclipse is at 11° Leo 37' inconjunct to Neptune at 12° Pisces while the progressed Moon at 23° Sagittarius inconjunct USA Mercury 24° Cancer and square USA Neptune. 

Notice also that the progressed Sun is at 13° Pisces 17' is conjunct Neptune and trine USA Sun 13° Cancer 19' again another Neptune aspect. 

A feeling of fake news? Could this much Neptune be the press being accused of political propaganda (Neptune) that have made average folks so sick of the yapping (deluge of negative press) you want to firmly order them to go lay by their dish like a erring pup.

Now 152 years after the 14th amendment we are seeing a similar theme with immigration being a very hot issue no matter what side of the fence (or wall) you're on.  Ever since President Trump was elected there has been a steady drumbeat for impeachment and issues over Comey firing. Well now doesn't that just sound similar to 1866 impeachment since that was also from a firing? Will do a separate writing on other US impeachments of a president to search for clues. The 14th amendment has had lots of Supreme Court rulings that brought about school desegregation and Roe v Wade for example.

So if 1866 is any indicator of possible events to occur in the coming months what should we expect? Here are a few potential events we could see unfold:
  • An amendment to the Constitution on net neutrality perhaps.
  • Supreme Court ruling in regards to the 14th amendment. 
  • The 14th also has relevance to States compliance to ICE officials.
  • Changes on immigration law and citizenship.
  • Changes regarding warrantless surveillance with all the talk recently of FISA abuse.
  •  Also Congress authorized the nickel coin then which makes one think of the cryptocurrency. Keep an eye out regarding something new on currency. 

Could the Mueller investigation be at the end of its rope with the eclipse Mercury at 29° Capricorn 59' conjunct progressed Pluto at 29° Capricorn 24' while squaring Venus at 28° Aries. We shall see. Must soon look at other eclipses in relation to amendments in history, impeachments and changes in our tax laws. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Make a Fitted Crib Sheet

Making a fitted crib sheet is a pretty straight forward project and makes a great gift for a baby shower. The great thing is that most crib mattresses are a pretty standard 27 x 52 inches. Here is what you need:

2 yards 45 inch wide fabric
1 1/2 yards of 1/4 " elastic

Follow Liqueda's board Babies and Kids Ideas on Pinterest.
I like to use the soft flannels or the soft cottons for sheets. You can make several in coordinating fabrics since new parents can never seem to have enough of them.

Cut your fabric to measure 45x69 inches. At each corner cut out a 8 inch square. This will form your corner to make the crib sheet fitted.

Make a 5/8 " seam for the corner and then stitch again 1/4" away. Do this for all four corners.

Make a narrow 1/2" hem around edge of crib sheet.

Now you will insert a straight pin 10 inches from your corner seam on each side.

Cut 4 pieces of elastic, each 12" long, one for each corner. Put a pin in the center half of the elastic (at 6 inch measurement) and pin that at the corner seam and the ends of the elastic stretched to the 10 inch pins. Then apply your elastic. I use a zigzag stitch to apply elastic.
You just made a fitted crib sheet.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Make Infant Travel Bed / Soft Side Toy Box


Follow Liqueda's board Babies and Kids Ideas on Pinterest.

Sharing how to make an infant travel bed which can be used as a soft side toy box later on. The bottom will measure 21x13 with almost 10 inch height. On the inside by baby, I like to use that ultra soft plush fabric but fabric can be soft cottons or flannel.

You need:
1 yard of 45 inch wide fabric
1 yard coordinating fabric of 45 inch wide fabric (for outside of box)
1 yard 1/2 inch thick batting
4 inches Velcro

Lay out first fabric and cut it to 33 x 41 inches. Cut out a 10 inch square on each corner as picture shows. Set aside and cut the coordinating fabric and batting the same way. From remaining or coordinating fabric cut 4 strips 17 x 3 inches for handles.

(On the one pictured, I cut the batting and inside fabric as described but added a third fabric for head and foot. In this case I cut the yellow dot fabric 33 x 22 so I could have 1/2 inch seam to join flower fabric pieces that are 10 1/2 x 13 inches)

Lay the fabric that will be outside with the right side (what you want visible) down. Lay the batting on top of outside fabric. Now take the inside of bed fabric and lay it on top of batting with the right side up. Pin through fabrics and batting in a line from corner to corner. This will form the bottom of the bed. Stitch through the layers to make bottom.

Now iron 1/4 inch edge down the 17 inch length on each side. Fold in half lengthwise so raw edges and press. Fold in the one end and press. This end is where you will attach Velcro later. Topstitch all the way around for each handle. ( I made the handles with Velcro to come apart so later when baby crawls into it as a toy box it's less dangerous.)

Take your outside fabric and pin corner together inserting handle in the seam about 2 inches from top and stitch each of four corners. Now stitch the inside fabric at corners. Fold down top raw edges of inside and outside fabrics topstitch together. Then stitch the corners through the layers. Attach Velcro and your done.

I h ave made several of these to match different nursery themes. They are handy to have as toy box to haul toys from room to room. Biggest plus, they are washable. When it gets dirty, throw it in the washer on gentle and dryer on low and all is well!