Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Outlawing Birth Control?

Alright, women are always busy, but Outlawing Birth Control? Don't get caught unaware on this issue of the GOP working to ban Birth Control.

Women are the caregivers, either literally or figuratively wiping noses, giving hugs and support to those in our circle. Naturally we are often over committed. While I still managed to vote in the presidential elections, I admit that keeping up with current events was sadly only grabbing a few minutes of CNN headline news with my coffee.
Hearing about this birth control issue confused me and I felt compelled to do a deeper check into what was going on. Here is what I found...

We are so used to the idea that available birth control is just a normal part of our lives, but it wasn't so in the 1960s. Back in 1965 a Supreme Court case Griswold v. Connecticut struck down a law in the state of Connecticut that made it a crime to use birth control.

Take a moment to really absorb that one! The state had laws like many other states at that time which made birth control for even married couples illegal. Who was this Griswold that stood up to the State of Connecticut and took the case of a right to birth control all the way to the Supreme Court?

Estelle Griswold was the president of the Planned Parenthood of Connecticut who helped pave the way to make sure women today have our choices in family planning and access to birth control. I like choices! I like being able to choose to NOT have given birth to 14 children and being dead by 40. Thank you Estelle so very much!

It took until 1972 for the Supreme Court case Eisenstadt v. Baird to extend the right of birth control to unmarried couples! You had to be MARRIED to have the right to birth control before then. Why am I giving this little review of history? Here is a hint. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

The GOP has mounted in its most aggressive campaign ever to drag all women, Republican, Democrat and Independents alike, back to the 60s and take away that right to reproductive choices that we are so very used too.

GOP candidates for 2012 have gotten on board with personhood amendment, even Ron Paul the small government guy. Rick Santorum even has been on video saying "contraception is not OK". This personhood amendment is a plan by the extreme right drive to overturn the right to legal abortion by making law that a fertilized egg is to be declared a person and causing many forms of  hormonal birth control to be ONCE AGAIN ILLEGAL!

Mississippi rejected the amendment when put to the voters and Colorado voters also said no way. But don't think your birth control is safe now or that a little thing like the voters are going to stop the GOP. States all across the country where the GOP took control are actively ramming through laws to dismantle Roe v Wade and even criminalized miscarriage. Could you be investigated if you have a miscarriage? Evidently.

In the states where the GOP has complete control, they say that they hope to have laws put in force by the end of the year. OK I'm not just getting nervous I am getting just plain mad. This is enough of the fringe taking over while we were busy living our lives and addressing the concerns of the day. Let's put a stop to the GOP agenda against women now and keep them out of our bedrooms!

Want to volunteer to keep a Democratic President in the White House? Seems like a real good idea.

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