Friday, February 24, 2012

Republicans Against Birth Control Not A New Thing

I am glad that the Republicans War Against Birth Control is finally becoming a major talking point in the media. The awareness of women today is being raised to wake up and see what is happening. What makes me shake my head are people sounding as though the Republicans being against birth control is a new thing. Excuse me people but Republicans Against Birth Control is not a new thing!

The Republicans applaud Ronald Reagan as the President from 1981-1989 who held a position as anti-abortion, being against Roe v. Wade and even being opposed to the Equal Rights Amendment for women. Reagan also established global gag order on family planning.

So Republicans had 8 years of Reagan trying to pull back women's Equal Rights and a woman's right to choose followed 4 years with George HW Bush who was strongly anti-abortion just like George W. Bush (2001-2009).

When you look at the 28 year timeline since Reagan's start in 1981 through Bush's exit in 2009 these were all Republicans except for the 8 years of Bill Clinton. Each of these Republicans signing the gag order again as one of the 1st things they do as President to prohibit women's clinics from giving any information on abortions even if she asks for it.

Rolling back women's reproductive rights, including contraception for family planning, to before Roe v. Wade has been on the the Top of the to-do list of the Republican Party for a long time. Since Republicans gained power in many states and as governors across the country, they have made changes in laws to undermine access to birth control, abortion and even rewriting rape laws.

Will the women of America just lay down and take this? Women will have to work hard at removing these Republicans at both State and Federal government levels and put some sanity back in government.

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