Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Make a Fitted Crib Sheet

Making a fitted crib sheet is a pretty straight forward project and makes a great gift for a baby shower. The great thing is that most crib mattresses are a pretty standard 27 x 52 inches. Here is what you need:

2 yards 45 inch wide fabric
1 1/2 yards of 1/4 " elastic

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I like to use the soft flannels or the soft cottons for sheets. You can make several in coordinating fabrics since new parents can never seem to have enough of them.

Cut your fabric to measure 45x69 inches. At each corner cut out a 8 inch square. This will form your corner to make the crib sheet fitted.

Make a 5/8 " seam for the corner and then stitch again 1/4" away. Do this for all four corners.

Make a narrow 1/2" hem around edge of crib sheet.

Now you will insert a straight pin 10 inches from your corner seam on each side.

Cut 4 pieces of elastic, each 12" long, one for each corner. Put a pin in the center half of the elastic (at 6 inch measurement) and pin that at the corner seam and the ends of the elastic stretched to the 10 inch pins. Then apply your elastic. I use a zigzag stitch to apply elastic.
You just made a fitted crib sheet.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Make Infant Travel Bed / Soft Side Toy Box


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Sharing how to make an infant travel bed which can be used as a soft side toy box later on. The bottom will measure 21x13 with almost 10 inch height. On the inside by baby, I like to use that ultra soft plush fabric but fabric can be soft cottons or flannel.

You need:
1 yard of 45 inch wide fabric
1 yard coordinating fabric of 45 inch wide fabric (for outside of box)
1 yard 1/2 inch thick batting
4 inches Velcro

Lay out first fabric and cut it to 33 x 41 inches. Cut out a 10 inch square on each corner as picture shows. Set aside and cut the coordinating fabric and batting the same way. From remaining or coordinating fabric cut 4 strips 17 x 3 inches for handles.

(On the one pictured, I cut the batting and inside fabric as described but added a third fabric for head and foot. In this case I cut the yellow dot fabric 33 x 22 so I could have 1/2 inch seam to join flower fabric pieces that are 10 1/2 x 13 inches)

Lay the fabric that will be outside with the right side (what you want visible) down. Lay the batting on top of outside fabric. Now take the inside of bed fabric and lay it on top of batting with the right side up. Pin through fabrics and batting in a line from corner to corner. This will form the bottom of the bed. Stitch through the layers to make bottom.

Now iron 1/4 inch edge down the 17 inch length on each side. Fold in half lengthwise so raw edges and press. Fold in the one end and press. This end is where you will attach Velcro later. Topstitch all the way around for each handle. ( I made the handles with Velcro to come apart so later when baby crawls into it as a toy box it's less dangerous.)

Take your outside fabric and pin corner together inserting handle in the seam about 2 inches from top and stitch each of four corners. Now stitch the inside fabric at corners. Fold down top raw edges of inside and outside fabrics topstitch together. Then stitch the corners through the layers. Attach Velcro and your done.

I h ave made several of these to match different nursery themes. They are handy to have as toy box to haul toys from room to room. Biggest plus, they are washable. When it gets dirty, throw it in the washer on gentle and dryer on low and all is well!